Day 5 - Valley of the Kings - Day 3

Before I start telling you about the tombs I need to give credit and thanks to Francis Dzikowski, the photographer for the Theban Mapping Project and Dr. Weeks, the director for the Theban Mapping Project and the leader of this week’s tour. All of the tomb interior pictures were taken by Mr. Dzikowski.

Photography in the tombs is forbidden and they are very strict about this. Do not think that just because you have given the tomb guardian some baksheesh (a tip for services provided) that you are safe. There are plain clothed employees of the SCA (Supreme Council of Antiquities) all over the place and they don’t care if you have bribed a guard or not. If you are caught you will be taken to Mr. Wazery’s office and fined 50LE per picture and the pictures are still removed from your camera. Video cameras are forbidden in the valley and if you are caught using one the fine is 1000LE!

I used Dr. Weeks book “The Treasures of Luxor and the Valley of the Kings” as my reference for spelling and factual details throughout the entire blog.

This is our third and final day in the Valley of the Kings. Over the past three days we saw 18 different royal tombs and visited two tombs twice.  As in the previous maps I color coded each day and the number in parenthesis after the tomb KV numbers are the order in which we visited them.  If you double click on the map you can enlarge it.

Map for day 3:

The rest of the day consisted of:

KV 9 Rameses V & Rameses VI
KV 55 Amarna items or Akhenaten
KV 5 Sons of Rameses II
KV 17 Sety I

I'm working on this - hope to have it up soon!

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